Squashing expectations

I have already realised that we grew far too many courgettes this year (although we’re yet to throw any away, we just keep pressing them on people). But I didn’t realise that our summer squashes might follow suit. I used to grow pumpkins up trellises in London because I had no space – vertical growing was the only way.
But because I was constricting the plants, we didn’t get much of a harvest and this year has been a real learning curve in more ways than one. I’ve just let the summer squash burst out of their raised beds and creep wherever they please and the harvest so far has been stupendous, and there are still more baby squash than I can count on the vines. IMG_0726We’ve grown Crown Prince again (we really liked it last year) and some Red Kuri onion squash, many of which was somewhat overgrown. The Munchkin Pumpkins don’t appear to have done too well, we’ve yet to find any fruits so perhaps they weren’t pollinated properly. But lesson learned, I think if we grow three beds of squash but add in a few pumpkins too next year, we can probably produce enough to keep ourselves going for a few months!IMG_0783We’ve got the squashed drying in the poly tunnel at the moment, another week and we can try the first one. We can’t wait! I worry the onion squash will be a bit tasteless as I’ve let them get too big, I’ll be harvesting them much earlier in the future!

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We farm a three acre smallholding in Hampshire, England, having fled London in pursuit of the good life for our little family. We mess about with an assorted menagerie and try to be as self-sufficient as possible in meat and fruit and vegetables whilst enjoying our plot and an outdoors lifestyle with our son. I am the luckiest person that I know.

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    1. I’m an absolute sucker for soup – we drink a small cup of it before supper every day in the winter, so a nice warming spicy squash soup with ginger and chilli will take up some of the glut. The Red Kuri onion squashes are supposedly delicious roasted with some rosemary and butter so as soon as they’re cured, I’m going to try that too!

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