Farm animals

Tom and Dahlia the Ragdoll cats

Not really farm cats but our first-born pets (so to speak) and integral to our happiness. They can do no wrong!

Maddie the golden retriever

20kg of manic fluffy exuberance and canine bad manners. Beloved and exasperating in equal measure.

Β IMG_0728

Chancery and the other chickens

My husband demanded the right to name one of our hens and did so after the grand Dickensian tradition of Miss Flight. Our little boy re-names the other three ex-battery hens on a regular basis depending on his mood and what we’ve been doing that day.


We wanted some hens that would go broody and so were hoodwinked into buying two designer hens from a local smallholding but it turns out they are nowhere near the point-of-lay status they were billed as so we’ll have to find an alternative this year. These two are Snowy and Beady.