Farm animals

Sheep, four (store lambs)

Our unnamed sheep will only be with us for about six months before they go into the freezer but we’re really enjoying seeing them pottering about the fields hoovering up our grass. The dog clearly believes them to be dog-like creatures and is utterly exasperated with them because they don’t want to play. They’re ex-lana shedding sheep from our local friendly farmer and appear to just get on with things which is exactly what you want on your first time round with sheep.

Chickens, various

Named Stan, Daisy, Spinach, Precedent, Jargon, Chancery (the second) and Crow, our new chickens have brought some clucky happiness (and lots of eggs) into our lives!


Tom and Dahlia the Ragdoll cats

Not really farm cats but our first-born pets (so to speak) and integral to our happiness. They can do no wrong!

Maddie the golden retriever

30kg of manic fluffy exuberance and canine bad manners. Beloved and exasperating in equal measure.