Cat-proofing an urban garden

Cat-proof garden fence

…or, as we’re fondly calling it, “Prison yard chic”. That’s right folks. I know that the indoor cat vs outdoor cat debate has picked up over the last few years. Personally I think that to deny cats access to the outdoor world isn’t too kind, but the reason I have hypocritically done it myself is because we live in a very densely populated area of South West London where there are never less than two posters for missing cats at a time in our road. However, thankfully, we’ve managed to find a way to let the cats into the garden without worrying they’ll escape to get hit by a car or stolen by someone. We’ve cat-proofed the garden!

Cat-proofing running along the top of the fence

The cat-proof fence is basically a high-tensile mesh that’s attached at an angle to the top of our six foot wooden fences. Because of it, the cats can now wander the garden all day, where they sunbathe, pounce on bugs and try to eat seedlings. The cats are thrilled with their new play area, although they were a bit agoraphobic at first. Hopefully this will continue to act as a decent halfway house until we move to the countryside where it’s safer for them to be out.

Tom checking out the newly planted beds

Their first foray into their newly safe garden was really enjoyable and they loved being outside (if a little confused by things like airplanes). They don’t seem to mind that the place is still a tip. I can honestly say that cat-proofing has changed all of our lives. Highly recommended!

Dahlia sunbathing

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We farm a three acre smallholding in Hampshire, England, having fled London in pursuit of the good life for our little family. We mess about with an assorted menagerie and try to be as self-sufficient as possible in meat and fruit and vegetables whilst enjoying our plot and an outdoors lifestyle with our son. I am the luckiest person that I know.

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